Feng Shui as Interior Design Style

It is never easy moving into a new space, especially when you are used to having every single item in a usual spot. Sometimes it takes a stylish remodelling or two to find the right balance, particularly in a home. In the case of commercial spaces, it is not just your opinion that counts, but that of the clientele as well. A notable style that has wowed interior designers is the Feng Shui practice.

Feng Shui

So, what is so pragmatic about this ancient Chinese practice? Well, for one, it has to be said that the ‘chi’ or energy is often a positive one. Also, there is a balance as well, because space is utilized while following a guideline that is dependent on certain elements


So what are the elements that this interior design style utilizes to create a pleasant atmosphere? They are listed as:

  • Metal
  • Fire
  • Earth
  • Water
  • Wood

Basically, the position of each of the items that embody the aforementioned elements needs to be in a commanding position to make the whole concept work. There are items that are more important than others. For instance, in a bedroom, a bed is a large piece of furniture as compared to say a chair. Its positioning is, therefore, more of a priority because, as per the Feng Shui concept, it represents you while a chair or desk represents your career.

The same applies to items throughout the house where a stove or cooker, is said to represent your wealth.

Decorate your home with sustainable interior design materials

Like other professions, interior design is also inextricably tied to the ever-changing styles. Whether the ultimate goal of the field is renovation, architectural detailing, or decoration, interior designers must keep up with the fast pace of trends. In recent years, more and more homeowners are adding natural materials to their interiors. Adding natural materials to walls, furniture, or flooring gives a home warmth of nature. It can be defined as bringing the outdoors inside.

Here are some of the latest sustainable interior design materials that will make a big statement with a less environmental impact.


Wood is the first item that comes through your mind when you hear of natural materials, and you’re right. Wood is naturally strong and is available in various finishes and colours. Wood could be oak, cherry, maple, pine, or whatever tree it is derived from. Such products are readily available, and it’s easier to add them to your home interiors.

Stones and bricks

Bricks and stones make a beautiful wall accent. Bricks can be found in a house around fireplaces and stones in selected areas of the house, particularly around an indoor garden.

Rattan and wicker

Most people are familiar with rattan and wicker. It can be found in woven baskets and particular pieces of furniture. Rattan and wicker look amazing in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and outdoor covered patio. For a rattan and wicker sofa or chair, you always have the liberty of choosing your preferred colour or print of the cushion.


seashells are delicate items that create lovely wall decors, lamp shades, pendant lights, and centrepieces. There are also mirrors with shell frames. Using seashells brings a beach and nautical vibe to a home.


Another product from the ocean! Your home doesn’t have to be beach themed or near an ocean to add seagrass to the interiors. Jute rugs and sisal can be lovely additions to an interior. On top of being beautiful, they are long-lasting. Sea rass also blends in with most home furnishings as it comes in different patterns and colours.


Yes! Feathers aren’t meant for headpieces and fascinators only; they also look unique in-home decors and accessories. You can also use them to stuff pillows and upholstered pieces.

With the increasing global environmental concerns and awareness, sustainability has become the talk of town for most businesses to even become a competitive tool. You can check the Tylko’s guide to sustainable materials for inspiration.

Helpful Vinyl Storage Ideas

As opposed to digital music, vinyl records are tactile: you can feel them with your hands. They also come with 12″ by 12″ cover art that you can proudly display in your house as part of the décor. However, there is the concern of where to keep your vinyl records as they keep growing. Collecting more and more vinyl records means you need thoughtful storage options.

Expandable Paper Organizer

You can use your expandable document folder to store a small collection of A4 or letter-sized vinyl recordings. Label the file section to help you access your recordings easily.

Fabric Bins

Did you ever think that you could one day use fabric bins to store your recordings? Well, they offer adequate storage space. Most of them come with labels to help you keep track of your vinyls.

Wine Rack

Yes, wine racks can double up as storage for your vinyl. Paint them in fancy colours to create a statement corner in your craft room. Vinyl storage is about taking things out of the ordinary and doing something that defies all the rules to become a stunning feature.

Gridwall Organizer

For those who love to display vinyls in their craft rooms, a grid wall organizer with display hooks is another smart idea for storing vinyl. For adequate storage space, you’ll need a grid wall and several hooks. Buy hooks at least 10″ in length to support your vinyl rolls.

Try a Storage Ottoman

Everybody loves a storage space that is both attractive and functional. Some pieces feature pop-up tops and deep storage space for vinyls. They also come in different sizes, so you choose one depending on your flat’s available space. A storage Ottoman with a pop-up top is an option if you want to keep your vinyls out of sight yet comfortable to reach.

Repurpose Your Magazine Holder

Although crafted for magazines and newspapers, you can still repurpose your magazine holders for your favourite records. Thrift stores and flea markets are some of the best places you can shop for vintage magazine racks in various sizes and styles.

Create a Cubby

A modern bedroom cubby is a perfect storage solution for an extensive vinyl collection. Cubbies let you sort your collection easily and create zones for your vinyls. You can create zones by artist or genre so you can find what you want quickly.

Vinyl records are timeless but deteriorate in quality if not kept well. With proper storage solutions like the Type01 or Type02 from Tylko, they can also be displayed to blend in a room’s décor.